The main reason people fail at online business is said to be because they quit too soon, without giving it a fair chance. The underlying reasons for this are that they

(a) Believe there is some sort of magic about the Internet that will allow them to succeed by osmosis;

(b) Want something for nothing, meaning they are not willing to really work at it.

(c) Do not actually have a realistic plan of action that includes investing their time and effort;

(d) Do not treat it seriously as they would a job.

Let's examine each of these things in a little more depth.

(a) Belief in magic.

It is true that some terminology may lead someone to feel that things will be a lot easier and faster than they really are. This is where normal people should employ whatever common sense and logic they may have. Understand that the statements are addressed to the public at large. There is a broad spectrum ranging from those with skills, resources and previous experiencve, all the way to people brand new to the Internet, computers and/or sales and marketing. Many statements are telling us that it is POSSIBLE - and it is POSSIBLE for the first group who have experience. Does this say it is IMPOSSIBLE without it? No, not at all, but being realistic, they will need to accept that fact that they have to learn and get some experience in order for the eventuality of success to happen for them. If they are willing and able to accept this then they have a chance to succeed with an online business.

(b) Something for nothing.

People may feel that they are doing all they need to do by joining an affiliate program and paying the monthly dues. However if nothing else is done to promote the business after that then it is the same as doing nothing. Having a link with an ID does absolutely nothing without promoting it aggressively by marketing and advertising. Yet some people feel entitled to everyone else doing everything for them and they just sit back and wait for the money to roll in. They have a very long wait because without their active participation nothing will ever happen. They are very willing to accept anything that is free which is meant to help them get started. If they don't see anything tangible at the end of the trial period they are out of there, often with very unkind things to say about the program when it did not produce magical results for them instantly. The correct attitude for someone who is sincerely trying to start a business would be gratitude for the opportunity, and a real effort to make proper use of the resources that were shared with them in good faith. They need to understand reality and the fact that nobody achieves wealth without work other than lottery winners and heirs to fortunes. If it seems so effortless for the 'guru's with their sensational stories, you are not reading the part where they struggled uphill for years to achieve what they have now. It is true some don't elaborate on that so you have to be realistic in your own thinking to be sure you are not mislead. An important thing to realize is they were for the most part not born with 'a silver spoon in their mouth' - had no special privileges or superior intelligence - and they don't owe you anything even if they did - other than to honor their promises and guarantees.

(c) A realistic plan.

This would include having a definite business plan just in so far as what exactly you need to learn to do. You need to define in detail the whats, whens, hows and whys. What exact steps you need to take to do all the necessary things in conducting a professional business. Do you have what you need to do that? If not take steps to find out how to get it.

(d) Do not treat it seriously.

You must be disciplined and focused if you want to achieve anything with your online business. You have to stay motivated even though you may not see any results at first. Just because you can work on your own time schedule does not mean skip it or put it off until 'tomorrow'. You need to include a work schedule in your plan and be committed to it. Then work it out.


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Tonight was one of the most powerful hangouts we've done since the start of Empower Network.

Live Hangout - Confessions From The Dave's

Tonight was one of the most powerful hangouts we've done since the start of Empower Network.

Lives were empowered, people broke down in tears and we grew stronger - together.

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That we're not just an opportunity, an 'Internet thing' or Network Marketing company.

We're more than that, we're a movement, one that empowers people to step into their own greatness in their own unique way.

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avoid focusing on other companies

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